Easterly & Company was founded in 2014 in Richmond, VA by two Virginia natives - Jack Easterly, and Baird Snyder. With a love for the outdoors, and a knack for tinkering, Jack created the 12 Gauge Charger, the company’s first product. While looking for a way to re-purpose spent shotgun shells, which often go to waste, he realized that a twelve gauge shell fits perfectly into the cigarette lighter receptacle found in most cars and trucks. Jack created the first prototype of the 12 Gauge Charger soon after in late 2014. The product is now in production at our facility in Richmond, VA.

The 12 Gauge Charger, puts an American icon in your car. Some people have Hula girls, others hang flags or feathers from their mirrors. For people who love America and the outdoors, we have the 12 Gauge Charger – a high quality car charger for any phone, camera, GPS, or other small device.